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Simple Vipassana meditation timer, no frills, no distraction.

Pure "down to earth" Vipassana meditation timer for individuals who practice Vipassana meditation as daily routine and/or are participating in a Vipassana meditation retreat.
Whether you are an apprentice, a meditation teacher or a seasoned meditator the Vipassana meditation timer will help you to track meditation sessions without distractions.
The initial small group of Vipassana meditators has gotten larger thanks to the Android™ Application.

Created by meditators for meditators

Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Having not found an Android™ Meditation App suitable for our daily Vipassana Meditation practice, we'd decided to invest our time and resources into making a useful App for our group of meditators as well as for the Vipassana Meditation Community out in the world.
As we are not interested in time wasting and distracting features of commercial Apps, we made an efficient and reliable timer to help us maintain our meditation sessions.
We hope you will find the Vipassana Meditation Timer useful and distraction free. To learn more about us visit the The Road to Vipassana BLOG

Our Vipassana Meditation Community

Vipassana Sitting Meditation

Since the Vipassana Meditation Timer App launch, our community has grown from a few individuals to hundreds of meditators.
Although we are not in the physical presence of each other, we are all participants in the meditation community. As a community, we care for each other, we share common values and have a sense of place in our Planet as a whole, no borders, no countries.
The level of feedback we have received is outstanding; the level of participation in providing suggestions for improvements has been great, thank you all so much.



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We constantly try to raise funds for maintenance and development of the Vipassana Meditation Timer APP. Why not contribute by purchasing a handmade Meditation Prayer beads string?

Our objective is to give back as much or more than we receive. The necklace is the way for us to thank you even more.

The Meditation Necklace is a traditional tool which leverages the 108 beads to keep track of Mantra's repetitions. For instructions on use and more information, visit Meditation Beads for Affirmation

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For a single contribution of 12.95 USD you will have done your part to support the Meditation Timer App project. As a token of our appreciation we will post a Meditation Beads String worldwide from our location in Chiang Mai, Thailand to your door. Airmail Delivery should take 2-3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions


No, there is not one at the moment
The meditation session cannot be paused, but only stopped by pressing the 00 bubble.
If you have any particular reason for the feature to be available please argument it by sending some feedback via the App and we will see what we can do to help.


The App does not block calls. We recommend to put your device in "airplane" mode before starting a meditation session, in order to avoid any type of notifications. For the time being, you will have to unable the feature manually, in the future, resources permitting, we will try to implement the feature directly in the App, as to give the chance to meditators to unable it automatically, if so wished.


Unfortunately due to the change of platform and device the App sometimes experiences problems. There's a workaround by changing the App file access permissions but it does not always work. The best is actually to remove and reinstall the App fresh from Google Play, that will provide a version suitable for your device.


Currently Android runs on thousands of different mobile phone models and brands. With limited resources, it's very hard for us to be able to test the App on all devices, we rely on the feedback your leave via the App, to work out solutions and make the App as efficient as possible. Having said that, we have realized that the majority of complaints come from users that have not upgraded the App to the latest version. Please visit the App page on Google Play and update the App, right now.
Also, at every App upgrade do not forget to re-instate your sound file reference via the Sounds screen which might have been lost during installation or for some other reason. Furthermore some device models, require storage permissions for the App, that have to be allowed manually by accessing the App info via the Android Apps Settings, continue to Permissions and checking the Storage Permission. Please do also note that only certain sound file types work and that an excessively large files might create memory leaks with the App, nothing we can do about it.
Having said that if the problem persists do not hesitate to get in touch via the feedback feature of the App, we'll try our best to help.


We apologize for the quality of the pre-loaded sound files, we know they are not the best :-). Having said that, you can upload your own sound files by choosing "your own sound clip" option on the Sounds library screen and following the instructions. As far as the loudness or softness of sounds, you can also use the volume lever within the same screen to mitigate the problem of a low quality sound.


Go to settings on the phone, tap on Accessibility and turn off security services like Norton or anti-virus software. Try using the App again and if necessary re-install. Manufacturers are starting to ship handsets with pre-installed virus protection software and it is affecting some users.
Also, few devices experience some problems not allowing the Vipassana Meditation Timer app to perform its tasks on the main running Android execution thread. It is due in some instances to memory swap and reclaim by Android, or to some other app running on top of the Vipassana Meditation Timer App; for instance there could be a cleaning app or messaging app that runs in the foreground (on top, but hidden to the user). We do not have the resources to be able to provide a custom solution as it would require to actually look into the device itself. Instead we recommend to make sure that Vipassana Meditation Timer is the only app running while meditating, Wi-Fi or Connectivity is turned off ideally by starting the Airplane Mode or Flight mode. We recommend to “pin the app” to the top of the Android stack, by simply selecting the “running apps” touch button on the device and touch the Pin on the Vipassana Meditation Timer App, for more info on pinning see YouTube video


New in Android Marshmallow is a feature called “Doze mode,” which prevents certain tasks from running if your phone has been sitting idle for a while. You can disable Doze mode for the Vipassana Meditation Timer app by opening the Settings and tap Battery. Tap the Options menu button (the three dots in the upper right), then tap Battery optimization. Tap the downward-pointing arrow, then tap All apps from the menu that appears. Next, tap the Vipassana Meditation Timer entry and in the box that appears, tap Don’t optimize. Once you’re done, tap Done.


We have originally created the Vipassana Meditation Timer App as a support tool to our meditation community. Since the launch of the App on Google Play thousands of people have started using it for daily meditation practice, we are very glad about it. A portion of users has requested for meditation instructions. Unfortunately we have no facility nor expertise to provide online tuitions.


We are here to help, please do not hesitate to let us know about any problems or suggestion for improvement you might have. The App is equipped with a Feedback feature, you can find it on the end of session screen or in the About screen; feel free to use it to get in touch with us, we are able to reply to most messages within a few hours. It's our aim to make improvements to the App, in it's functionality and make it efficiently usable for as many meditators as possible. Your help is essential, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Also, we are always looking for ways to finance development and maintenance, to contribute monetarily purchase one of our Meditation Beads, we'd really appreciate.


To be clear, you do not have log-in with Google in order to use the App and start a meditation session. Log-in with Google has been implemented to recognize a user who has opted-in the Advanced Features of the App. We do not have the facilities to store and protect your data, so instead of asking you for your email and a password, we have integrated with the Google Login service. Google takes care of your login details, confirms your identity and returns to the App a success or failure flag as well as a number identifier which we cannot relate to any person at all. We apologize for the inconvenience, we will try to find an easier way in the future.